DraftKings Picks Week 16: NFL DFS Tips for GPP Tournament

I tried to run a FitzStack two weeks ago in the DraftKings GPP series, but it was derailed by DeVante Parker’s early exit. Well, we have a great opportunity on the main DFS platform again with the Bengals traveling to Miami in Week 16.

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Post-Preston Williams delivers the landscape over 60 percent of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s WR1 yards and tight end. You can get all three for less than a third of your budget, while the inexpensive Joe Mixon provides a correlation game on the other. And we get another speedster from the Bengals.

It’s week 16, and I’m all-in for the Dolphins-Bengals. Don’t try to stop me.

  • # 1

    QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphins @ Bengals ($ 6,000)

    Fitzpatrick outperformed Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes on average, and resumed the show at Week 7, as JJ Zachariason notes on the Late-Round Podcast. Hopefully Andy Dalton, who gets $ 800 cheaper, will take over from the people who stack up this high-profile case.

  • # 2

    RB Derrick Henry, Titans vs. Saints ($ 7,700)

    We’ll benefit from a $ 800 price cut and the prospect of depression after a week of fighting the “5th” opponent against the RBs at the fountain. While Henry (quarters) was out of practice last week, he looks healthier for Week 16 after getting to work early on Wednesday.

  • # 3

    RB Joe Mixon, Bengals @ Dolphins ($ 6,600)

    Mixon only follows Christian McCaffrey in Week 12 touchdowns, and Miami allows most DraftKings to run back. We will get this at the average RB value.

  • # 4

    WR Julio Jones, Falcons vs. Jaguars ($ 8,000)

    With Calvin Ridley last week, Julio saw 20 goals and over 70 percent of Falcons’ air yards in Week 15.For this purpose, no recipient saw more than 42 percent of its airport market share of his team during the season. It will get food.

  • # 5

    WR DeVante Parker, Dolphins vs. Bengals ($ 6,800)

    At Week 14, when it fell early, Parker saw a market share of 41 eggs from Preston Williams lose its injured stock in Week 10. Allen Hurns would be the runner-up among the Fins receivers in just 14 percent, will pass to other dolphins WRs for this stack of toys.

  • # 6

    WR John Ross III, Bengals @ Dolphins ($ 4,200)

    Cincinnati-Miami is one of the two main casino games with both sides getting more than 22 tacit points since Wednesday. However, his price is more like a defender. Let’s break a bit further by betting on a repeat of the hype of Week 1 Ross, who finished third in the yard for the week.

  • # 7

    TE Mike Gesicki, Dolphins vs. Bengals ($ 3,600)

    Gesicki is the only dolphin other than Parker to beat shipyards’ market share by 20% in the last six weeks. The funnel is very well defined for us here.

  • # 8

    FLEX DeAndre Washington, Chargers Raider ($ 4,000)

    Free state square with Josh Jacobs (shoulder) out. When Jacob was seated a few weeks ago, Washington saw a double-digit number and seventeen octaves that allowed back targets.

  • # 9

    D / ST Washington vs. Giants ($ 2,800)

    The Giants allow for the most fantastic points in defense, as Denny Carter says in the Living the Stream podcast. Daniel Jones returns to practice with the first team to play the favorite hosting a rookie for under $ 3K.

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