DraftKings Saturday Showdown Options: NFL DFS lineup tips for Buccaneers vs. Texans, Patriots vs. Bills, 49ers vs. Rams

Week 16 begins Saturday with three games: Buccaneers vs. Texans, Patriots vs. Bills and 49ers vs. Rams. Like Thanksgiving, this gives you the opportunity to play three NFL DFS contests in one game all day. We’re here with the tips and suggestions from the DraftKings Showdown to help you get the weekend off to a good start, especially if you’ve missed the fantasy football playoffs.

All three types remain a little out of the top choice in captaincy, but this allows us to block most of the nails of every game in the main section of our line. Our two biggest disappointments are Breshad Perriman and Julian Edelman, but we are in for a little below.

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Impact of DraftKings NFL DFS Options: Buccaneers vs. Texans

Captain (1.5x price, 1.5x points): WR Justin Watson, Buccaneers ($ 9,600)

The big risk we take in this lineup is fading Breshad Perriman, but we wanted to get both passing games as far as we could, so our captain is Watson. All this assumes that Chris Godwin (hamstring) and Mike Evans (hamstring) are out, and if so, Watson is the No. 2 WR in a happy offense that must see many goals.

FLEX: QB Deshaun Watson, Texans ($ 12,400)

One of the best football fans going up against one of the league’s worst minor leagues? Yes please.

FLEX: WR DeAndre Hopkins, Texans ($ 12,200)

None of the Buccaneers will come close to Hopkins coverage, and he and Watson are a chalky but much needed stack here as they light up Tampa Bay.

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FLEX: QB Jameis Winston, Buccaneers ($ 11,600)

He will throw in some interference, and he will not shake anyone. But it will be a continuous deep ball throw that will pay off big time – and if many others have played Perriman, we will get a bit of that through Jameis.

FLEX: WR Ishmael Hyman, Buccaneers ($ 3,000)

Since Evans and Godwin are out, Hyman should be the Bucs’ 3rd WR, meaning he’ll see more than half a snaps and maybe six or more goals. In an offense built on slippery slopes and in a game that must have many points, there is a ton of value paths for Hyman.

FLEX: RB Dare Ogunbowale, Buccaneers ($ 1,000)

If we believe in the passing of the Tampa Bay game that plays such a big role on Saturday, we will use our final dollars on the Bucs’ back, in the hope of playing a solid playing time on a day when no one runs at all.

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DraftKings Saturday Showdown Tips: Patriots vs. Bills

Captain (1.5x price, 1.5x points): WR Cole Beasley, accounts ($ 12,000)

Beasley has two things going for him in this game. The first is the PK rating of DK. The second is that the Pats corner, Stephon Gilmore, needs to get John Brown out of the game. And the third is that New England will have to flash a lot for Josh Allen, which means that a quick pass at Beasley should be the order of the day.

FLEX: QB Josh Allen, accounts ($ 10,400)

Allen has a lot of ways to put together a solid fantasy day to weaken him in a game where we’ve already faded Julian Edelman. Even in one kind of game against Pittsburgh, he ran for a touchdown and threw another.

FLEX: QB Tom Brady, Patriots ($ 10,200)

Brady wasn’t good this year, but it makes no sense to weaken a QB from the team we’ll have two WRs from. We never know what New England will do with their gameplan, so they may decide to work the game early and often anyway.

FLEX: RB Sony Michel, Patriots ($ 7,200)

Michel followed a nine-week week with 19 weeks of transfer, so we could look at any results here. It’s a little too cheap for a back that could end up with 19 carries again.

FLEX: WR N’Keal Harry, Patriots ($ 5,200)

We forget Edelman, because if he plays, he will surely be prevented from getting injured and if he doesn’t, everyone under him will succeed. I really had the assumption that Harry’s pricing should be reversed with Mohamed Sanu, but both can come to value (and one could return extreme value) with Edelman hurting.

FLEX: WR Mohamed Sanu, Patriots ($ 4,400)

Sanu drove the New England receivers into traps and targeted eight times a week. The fact that he only got two is a little bit, but we will bet on the workload that leads to more production this time around.

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DraftKings Draft NFL DFS: 49ers vs. Rams

Captain (price 1.5x, 1.5x points): RB Raheem Mostert, 49ers ($ 12,900)

Unless Kyle Shanahan does anything crazy, Mostert will continue to drive this backfield and offer a good mix of touch floor and big-play ceiling from our captain’s point in a game the Niners should seek to overthrow.

FLEX: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers ($ 9,400)

We’re going to try to lock in as much of San Francisco as we can, involved in running and passing games. Garoppolo doesn’t set a tone, but when it does, it’s effective.

FLEX: TE George Kittle, 49ers ($ 9,200)

Kittle is at the heart of San Francisco’s offense and deserves every bit of that honor. Even its floor is a decent result.

FLEX: RB Todd Gurley, Rams ($ 8,800)

Defending San Francisco is not necessarily weak, though it is a little dinged up and may give some room for L.A. offense. To work. Gurley makes the most sense, as does Ram Ram, thanks to the built-in loading floor of an RB boot.

FLEX: WR Brandin Cooks, Rams ($ 5,000)

The cooks had a better game in Week 15 than he had and we all know what he could be capable of. We’re hoping for a strong Cooks season finish. At the beginning of the year, one would not expect to be able to get him at this price.

FLEX: K Robbie Gould, 49ers ($ 4,000)

If all of our offensive players in San Francisco can’t get the job done, Gold will have one foot locked in recent weeks. You could also use Greg Zuerlein here, but he’s hurting right now.

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