Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update 1.04– Patch Notes on November 14, 2022

A new update has been released for Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update 1.04. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update 1.04 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Improved Contents


  • Matches did not progress past the versus screen on certain platforms
  • The UI did not display immediately after a match began in ONLINE MATCH and other communication errors occurred.
  • If connection was lost due to “8/8 Establishing the connection” after a match began, the remaining members would be unable to use the cancel function.

During Battle

  • There were instances where Survivors were unable to summon Shenron after Raider “Cell” or “Frieza” launched an Ultimate Super Attack
  • If a Survivor received an attack at the same time they used the Active Skill “Capsule (Single-Wheel Motorbike)”, sometimes the bike remaind on the stage, and the Survivor no longer responded to certain commands.
  • There were instances in which players lost their abilities when using a Senzu Bean in PRACTICE MODE on certain platforms
  • If the Raider’s dialog played at the same time as Trunks’, no further dialog would be played for the Raider
  • If Piccolo’s Super Attack “Evil Explosion” was immediately followed up with multiple Ki Blasts, the Raider would no longer receive damage after the second hit
  • An issue in which the spectator camera would not return to the viewpoint of the player’s character.
  • An issue in which players were revived while still spectating other teammates
  • The player could no longer be revived after another player stopped the revival process just as the revive gauge reached MAX
  • If a player evaded while using certain Skills (such as the Grappling Device), they would begin to move at random


  • BREAKERS POINTS intended for use in linked Xenoverse 2 accounts were not valid

◆ Other Adjustments

  • The installation progress for power keys is now retained even if a player cancels in the middle of the installation

 *This has been done to help against Raiders camping near the location.

In order to balance battles, we plan to add something to increase the Raiders’ strength in the future

  • On the Steam version, a key assign category was added so that the Map/Menu during battle can be opened with Enter+an optional key
  • Even if you do not complete all of the daily and weekly challenges that are displayed, the subsequent challenges will now be displayed
  • Fixed other minor bugs

◆ Content to be adjusted in future

  • Change in specification where the next challenges will be updated even if all daily/weekly challenges are not completed within specific period.

The official Dragon Ball: The Breakers Twitter page revealed some of the known issues of the game. You can check them out below.

  • Issue where game patch does not proceed from VS screen on some platforms.
  • Issue which prevented Survivors from summoning Shenron after Cell or Frieza activate their Ultimate Super Attack.
  • Issue in which evading while activating certain skills (ex. grappling device) would result in unintended behavior.
  • Change in specification where the next challenges will be updated even if all daily/weekly challenges are not completed within a specific period.

Source: Dragon Ball: The Breakers