Dragon Quest Treasures Overview Trailer Shows Off Impressive Range

New details for Square Enix’s upcoming role-playing game, Dragon Quest Treasures, scheduled to release on December 9, 2022, have been trickling over time.


In a previous update, Erik and Mia, the game’s main protagonists, were further explored. We’ve also learned how monster recruitment affects your quest to find treasure.

However, Square Enix has just unveiled a reasonably in-depth overview trailer if you’re looking for a little bit shorter. It provides:

  • A useful summary of the game’s mechanics.
  • Covering such topics as the advantages of monster recruitment.
  • Valuing treasures to increase your gang’s overall wealth.
  • Establishing a central base from which to conduct operations.


Overall, suppose you’re even slightly interested in Dragon Quest Treasures. In that case, we bet this new trailer will encourage you to pre-order the game before its December release. It looks fantastic! Explore it below: