Drake does not want to go out with Kylie Jenner, even though he still finds her “hot” – here’s why!

Drake does not want to go out with Kylie Jenner, even though he still finds her

According to a new insider report, following rumors of romance between Kylie Jenner and Drake, the rapper wants to keep links between them “purely platonic”. In other words, it seems that there are no more meetings in their future and here is supposedly why!

Some people are really excited to see Kylie and Drake in a romantic relationship, but one source tells HollywoodLife that “Drake has outgrown any kind of love feelings for Kylie and that he is purely platonic to each other now. [However] Drake had flirted with Kylie some time ago, but he had a lot of fun and there was nothing serious. “

And no one has to worry about Kylie’s feelings in this situation, because the insider who was convinced said that the makeup magnate felt exactly the same!

Drake feels that he is on good terms with Kylie and thinks they are on the same wavelength as far as the gap between them is concerned. Drake would never want to upset her or a family he has always known, so he wants to calm down all rumors of romance. Drake is not going to be uncomfortable with Kylie. ‘

After all, the source explained that he would never want to deal with the repercussions of dating, separating and the clumsiness that would result.

As you may know, Drake goes back in time with Kylie and her family. He prefers to stop pursuing it and not lose his friendship.

Of course, that does not mean he does not think she’s really hot.


It would be all for them, but a serious relationship between them is apparently out of the question.

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