Drake reveals why he still cares so much about Rihanna

As fans of hip-hop culture know, Drake and Rihanna have been out intermittently over the years. According to Hollywood Life, the Toronto native recently spoke to reporters from Rap Radar to discuss a number of topics, including his relationships and career.

Earlier this year, Rihanna’s former boyfriend Drake and Chris Brown worked together on the song, “No Guidance,” despite fans considering their relationship to be dead after Brown’s fight with Rihanna there. about a decade ago.

However, Drake said in the interview that he and Chris had gotten over it. Speaking with the aforementioned publication, Drake said that he and Chris had tried to make music several times before, but that there was still a forced atmosphere. In other words, the animosity towards each other was still there, at some level.

“I think there was always resentment on both sides,” said the singer. According to the 33-year-old, the start was “silly” because it was rooted in “girl stuff”, but later became a serious problem.

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Drake said that since they have all evolved for the better, he is now in a position where he loves and respects Rihanna. Drake claims that their relationship is more like a family than anything else. In addition, the Toronto singer admitted that he was unsure whether it was a good idea to work with Chris for fear of Rihanna’s reaction.

The interpreter of “In My Feelings” says that the problem between Brown and Rihanna played a role in their quarrel in the past. According to the singer, he thinks that Rihanna would be better off just going over the incident and putting the childish thing in bed.

As previously reported, Drake and Chris Brown fought in 2012, but have since moved on. Since then, Chris and Drake have been spotted in Miami, Florida, including in July. In addition, the rapper invited Chris to the stage for a performance in October of last year.


Drake added that he always had a ton of respect and admiration for Brown’s talent, and it was nice to see Brown return the favor by allowing him to sing the main part of the song they performed together. As most know, Drake and Rihanna also dated intermittently for seven years.

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