Drake talks about the qualities a woman should have to be with him; He also talks about J Lo – Watch the video

Drake discusses the qualities a woman should have to convince him to leave celibacy. He also talks about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez and says that he has only positive things to say about this fantastic woman and mother. Check out the video below.

People have debated the issue in the comments, and most of the women have said that Drake seemed really selfish.

Someone said, “What I hear is that he wants someone with refined tastes who knows himself. Someone of the same uniformity, just as motivated. I think the best question is since you have met this type of women, why did these relationships not work? “

One follower posted this: “One minute, he said he liked his space, and the next, he said that the person had to be so special that he couldn’t function without it. These fair skinned guys are so extra. ???????????? »

One commenter posted, “He said he had come across this many times, but HE couldn’t hold on to it. He gets what he asked for, but he hasn’t given him anything to stay. It looks like he is not ready. “

Someone else said, “No … that’s not it ladies. There is a need for growth here. Lots of Me / Me, then repeat. He couldn’t keep what he had found because of me / I said it again… ???? ‘

Another follower said, “Basically, he wants to have someone there when he wants to, while he pursues his own dreams and they don’t interfere.”

Someone else also thinks that Drake is a fairly selfish man: “Shit, he’s fine but he’s selfish. Wants to be the captain of the ship, wants a woman to stand by her, but does not want to break her routine or have to worry that she will become “sick of the sea” and that she will “have to stop and stop. ” Oh no.’


In other news, it has been said that Drake has been dating Kylie Jenner since breaking up with Travis Scott, but that has not been confirmed.

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