Drought threatens half of the territory of the European Union

Researchers from the European Commission warned today, Monday, that around half of the European Union is at risk of drought, while the countries of southwestern Europe are suffering from a severe heat wave.

In a July report, the European Commission’s Joint Research Center reported that 46% of EU land is at risk of drought and 11% at an alert level as crops suffer from water shortages. .

The European Union reported that the most affected country is Italy, where the Po River basin in the north of the country is facing the highest level of severe drought.

In Spain, the amount of water in the basins is 31% lower than the media registered in ten years, while the amount of water needed to produce hydroelectricity is half the previous seven years.

European Union researchers also warned that water shortages and extreme heat are causing crops to fail in France, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Weather forecasts indicate that the situation will continue, according to the report, which will exacerbate the repercussions of the current “extremely dangerous situation” on agriculture, energy and water resources.