DualSense Controllers With Swapped Buttons are Displayed by a PS5 Gamer

A gamer shares a picture online of his PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers that have been customized to have color-swapped buttons.

DualSense Controllers With Swapped Buttons are Displayed by a PS5 Gamer

Recently, a gamer decided to go online and share his collection of PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers that feature customized color-swapped buttons. The DualSense is Sony’s latest controller for its current PlayStation console, the PlayStation 5. This generation seems like Sony has considered customization in the design of its products, as the faceplates for the PlayStation 5 console itself can also be customized.

So far, the PlayStation 5 has had various color choices for the signature DualSense controller. Sony has made sure to offer various choices for players to choose from. The accessories are customizable and allow tech-savvy users to swap panels on the controller with other controllers to create a unique and personalized hybrid controller. One fan has decided to completely swap the buttons’ colors on their controller to create a customized PS5 DualSense controller.

In a post to Reddit, u/Cool_Stories_Bro decided to share four of their customized PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers. In the image, they have four controllers laid out beside each other. The user had one black, one red, and two white controllers in the picture, but all with color-swapped buttons. The white controller had black buttons, the black had white buttons, the red also had white buttons, and the white had red buttons.

Button Color Swap from gaming

Fellow Redditors praised the appearance of the controllers in the comments by pointing out their favorites. A user named tadhgcarden suggested with his comment, “The red buttons on the black would look good too.” Another user that goes by Redlax complimented the picture and stated that they loved the new colors and would likely purchase one of the new controllers because one of their PlayStation 5 controllers had drifted.

This generation of Sony has considered personal customization for the design of the PlayStation 5 and its accessories. Sony has released a variety of colors for the DualSense, and a variety of faceplate options for the PlayStation 5 console itself. It is prepared to release its new DualSense Edge controllers with back buttons, changeable stick caps, replaceable stick modules, adjustable trigger stops, sliders for dead zones, and more.

DualSense Controllers With Swapped Buttons are Displayed by a PS5 Gamer

It is great to see players utilize Sony’s customization options with the PlayStation 5. These color-swapped buttons will tempt gamers to create their hybrid controllers. That being said, there is still a lot of creative potential for future PS5 controller releases, and Sony will keep customization in mind with all of its products in the future.