Dubai loosens visitor restrictions, in view of the launch of “Expo 2020”

Visitors to the Dubai World Expo will not need to present Covid-19 virus vaccination certificates or take a test to participate in one of the largest participation events in the world since the start of the pandemic, scheduled for October.

An Expo spokesperson told Bloomberg that the fair is expected to attract 25 million visits in six months, but it will mainly require people to keep masks and respect social distancing rules.

“Although vaccination is encouraged, visitors to the Expo are not currently required to provide prove vaccination or a test Negative PCR, “the spokesperson added.” However, we will continue to monitor and adjust these procedures as needed as the situation develops. evolve”.

Currently, the UAE is open to all visitors as long as they test negative for the virus, with some allowed to do one test at Dubai airport after their arrival. Some should self-isolate until they get the results of test.

The country has launched one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world. According to Bloomberg, the number of daily cases in the UAE has dropped to fewer than 1,000 per day since the end of August.

The approach of the Dubai Expo contrasts with that of countries such as the United Kingdom, which announced that it would consider granting vaccine passports to enter public places, or France, where the Constitutional Court confirmed the decision of President Emmanuel Macron. to request proof of vaccination or a test bad for eating out or traveling.

In the neighboring emirate of Abu Dhabi, some public places are reserved for those who have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, Dubai remained in much open since it came off the block over a year ago.

Across the Expo site, dozens of checkpoints will grant people permission to enter, while visitors will have to wear masks and adhere to strict social distancing rules. Disinfection stations will be scattered around every corner.

The gallery also uses robots and wearable technology to assist visitors with ticketing and queues as well. All employees of the Expo site have already received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dubai in 2013 beat out competition from countries such as Brazil and Turkey to host Expo 2020. The emirate spent billions of dollars to create infrastructure for the event which now resembles a small city stretching along the equivalent of hundreds of football fields.

The expo, which was to be launched in April 2020, was intended to attract millions of visitors and boost the local economy. But as the pandemic spread and the global economy stalled, the government postponed the event last year and reconsidered its goals.

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