Due to an offensive word against him .. Kim collects line samples from thousands of Koreans to reach the author

Open investigations with thousands of people in North Korea to find the perpetrator of the leader’s offensive graffiti

Tuesday evening, i media they reported that investigations had been opened with thousands of people in North Korea to find the leader’s graffiti artist.

According to these media, the authorities of the country have opened an investigation with thousands of residents of the capital with the aim of identifying the author of the writings offensive on one of the walls there, noting that authorities “collect handwriting samples from capital residents to identify the author of the abusive writings.”

THE media internationals revealed that the phrase written on the wall was: “Kim Jong-un, you are the son of *****. People are starving because of you.”

Interestingly, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in early January that he indicated that “the year 2022 is a great battle between life and death.”

It is worth noting that North Korea is suffering under a torrent of international sanctions imposed on it due to its military activities, which has led to the creation of a situation of food shortages and food supply to the population, in light of the tight closure of the borders due to the Corona pandemic, which is a pressure factor on its economy.

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