Due to Nazism .. Ibrahim Issa explodes the anger of Al-Ahly and his fans – (video)

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The brilliant journalist Ibrahim Issa has been the subject of one of the most ferocious attacks on him, and this time not for his political and religious ramblings, but for his taking in round of the famous slogan “Al-Ahly is above all”, describing it as the “Nazi slogan”, in a special episode from his daily television program, in the occasion of the victory of the Egyptian championship of his favorite team, Zamalek. Before hosting the head of the Temporary Affairs Committee of the club of Zamalek, Captain Hussein Labib, Issa deliberately provoked the audience of Al-Ahly, recording his objection to the most famous slogan on the walls and streets of the simple people of Cairo and all the governorates, saying: “When I say that Al- Ahly is above all … this is a Nazi expression! ” “She came from Germany above all others, like Hitler, that is, Germany, a race of readers and superiors. The greatest races on earth, and then they are at the top, and the rest are like the Semites. All are second-rate citizens. class “, emphasizing the need to understand the true meaning of the term, which is that” Al-Ahly is above his administration and whoever is part of it, away from Zamalek, Ismaili and the rest of the local competitors. “Immediately, the red media machine moved to defend the entity, with the leadership of thousands of followers and people with excited hearts, to respond to those who dared to adopt the slogan semi-sacred, put in act by the spiritual father, Captain Saleh Selim, at the beginning of the nineties of the last century, has i media on all social in these hours, amid Zamalek’s courageous attempts to keep up with the violent red wave. It is known that this slogan was the reason for the onset of hidden hostility between the two poles of Egyptian football, due to the meanings that reek of arrogance and arrogance, as Ibrahim Issa and the vast majority of the white audience believe, although the historian president of the Red, captain Hassan Hamdi, stressed in more than one occasion that his teacher meant “that the interest of Al-Ahly comes first and then that of the others”, while the dispute over the title of “Century Club”, which the African Union has granted to the descendants of Mukhtar Al-Teach at the turn of the millennium remains the first and direct reason for the amount of hatred among the supporters of the two club to get to what appears now. Ibrahim Issa: Al-Ahly is above all, this is the term “Nazi”!twitter.com / nEBLYJJ2EQ – Cairo and the People (@alkaherawalnas) September 2, 2021 Ibrahim Issa did not describe Al-Ahly as a Nazi, he merely referred to the appearance of the logo during the Nazi days and then emphasized the true concept of Al – Ahly’s logo above all. All levels and categories. Except her reverse conversational information, which has no meaning. – Nabil Al-Halafawy (@nabilelhalfawy) September 3, 2021 Hey folks, Ibrahim Issa is great, he won’t come down to the level of people who live by listening and obedience … neither Karim, neither happy, nor sad, nor Masoud, nor Mahmoud. His hair, one of Ibrahim Issa’s, nor 900 campaigns of the hearing committees shake. And obedience 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 – Shady Issa (@ShadyEisa) September 3, 2021 on Ibrahim Issa’s statements on the saying “Al-Ahly is above all” 👇👇👇 pic.twitter.com / wqTGiNK2kP – Karim Said (@KarimSaid) September 3, 2021 He is our great teacher Ibrahim Issa. Suddenly remember Al-Ahly and his slogan that he came out as a Nazi? !! He is falsifying history, Mr. Ibrahim .. even if he does not know the history of Al-Ahly and who founded it and the purpose of its foundation, and because he is called Al-Ahly .. he better not know how to talk about it. football .. Falsifying history in favor of your football affiliation will make you lose your credibility – Yasmine Mahfouz (@YasminMahfouz) September 3, 2021

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