Due to the high cost of living The British give up their pets in favor of charitable organizations!

Charities in the UK are seeing a huge rise in calls from Britons who are unable to support their pets and want to give them up due to the cost of living.

According to a report in Britain’s Mirror newspaper, the charity Dogs Trust has received 18,000 calls this year from pet owners who can no longer afford to keep their beloved pets.

This is up 55% from the first seven months of last year as the UK cost of living crisis deepened.

“Owners have to make decisions between heating their homes, feeding their kids, or giving up their dogs,” said Adam Close of the Dogs Trust.

“Everyone faces the same tsunami of demands,” Close said. “We have to make sure the need is urgent.”

The same gruesome picture is in animal rescue centers across the country, which are now so overcrowded that they are forced to refuse to accept pets.

Claire Sparks of Gables Dogs and Cats Home in Plymouth said: “We’re getting a lot of calls these days from people who can’t keep their pets any longer.”

The cost of pet food is up 20% from last year, bringing the cost of keeping a dog to £250 a month, and veterinary bills continue to rise.

London-based Battersea Cats and Dogs Home reported 1,200 orders in June from dog owners wishing to donate their pets, up 30% from the same month in 2021.

Source: Mirror