Dune: Our thoughts on the first 10 minutes of the movie

Dune: Our thoughts on the first 10 minutes of the movie

Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck and Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides.

Chiabella James / Warner Bros. Pictures

While the theatrical release and HBO Max of Denis Villeneuve new science fiction epic Dune there are still three months left, a handful of THE cinema Imax in the United States host a special Two day dunes event. This presentation reveals the first 10 minutes of the film to the public, plus 15 minutes of related materials is the movie the trailer of, which fell on Thursday.

I participated in this event myself. Here’s what need for know to prepare you for opening night.

SPOILER FORWARD: From this point on it will be difficult to talk about experience without spoiling the movie, so if you don’t want to spoil any detail, please stop now.

All revealed at the Dune Imax event

This 30 minute presentation is designed to be a preview of the movie, and contains the following:

  • The first 10 minutes uninterrupted of the film.
  • Comments from the cast on their experiences in the film e how they hope that the public will appreciate it.
  • A scene from after in the film.
  • A short remote conversation between Denis Villeneuve and Hans Zimmer on the score and background audio choices.
  • Fragments from the film a support the conversation.
  • The first theatrical trailer for Dune.

Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson seem moody on the planet Arrakis.

Photo by Chiabela James / Warner Bros.

1. The movie jump right in

The universe of Dune is a lot. The ladder of everything is ridiculous, it is rules more that’s a little weird, and you probably could spend the time it would take to see this movie in its entirety breaks down the galactic politics leading up to the opening scene we saw at this event. But instead of holding your hand through it all of behind the scenes of the author Frank Herbert, this film just leaves you in the goal of everything. Get a brief explanation from Chani, played by Zendaya, as to why the planet Arrakis is important, how merciless the Harkonnen family I am and that suddenly I am left. There is a question about who the new oppressors of Native to Arrakis will be the Fremen, so you will immediately be taken in camera from bed of the royal scion Paul Atreides, played by Timothée Chalamet, and his story it begins.

As a fan of the universe of Dune, I loved it. No hand holding, no background, just 60 seconds of introduction e off here we go. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it felt like the presentation you have in the book, but the feeling of be dropped in something that seems impossible big it’s familiar.

2. The characters’ special abilities they are fantastic

I am grouping everything of the different special abilities you see in the universe of Dune as powers for the proposal of making this point. In all the different scenes included in This preview let’s see Paul using His voice on his mother Lady Jessica and assassin Thufir Hawat brandish her Mentat ability, and there is a one-on-one fight with personal shields on. Spectacular, none of these things looked or felt way I figured they could. In any case, what I saw on the screen was even more noteworthy.

The unique audio choices that represent the Voice, the way by Thufir eyes it immediately turns white as it processes information and the shimmer next to the skin of a staff shield all made i am so excited to see more of every.

3. Hans Zimmer ‘invented’ new tools for this film

This was a fascinating detail of the conversation between Villeneuve and Hans Zimmer. The legendary composer said it was strange that epic space movies are always marked with music that sounds definitely terrestrial, so he tried to find new sounds for help to demonstrate how aliens these planets really are. He did not specify just how he invented them new sounds, but in the example scenes, certainly nails an oddity in the score.

Zimmer also relies on on sing, especially when any of the Bene Gesserit nuns are on screen. The higherhigh-pitched or low-pitched singing women singing in the background immediately brings a feeling of power is terror to their scenes, which is appropriate given all they are capable of of.

4. Everything of the vehicles I saw that they were perfect

I’ve seen many iterations of the dune vehicles between TV, film and video games all my life, and I never felt like whatever of match the descriptions in the books. I’m not sure the vehicles in This new Dune movie match what’s up? in not even the eye of my mind, but they are undeniably the most beautiful versions I have seen so far.

Ornithoptera in The dunes of Villeneuve are more dragonfly what a bird in design, but they do a great work moving more like the animal of a ship, which was the point in the books. These small crew ships should always fly more naturally and mechanically.

Carryalls are often described as “like an Ornithopter but bigger “, but that’s not what you’ll see in this film. they don’t seem bad not at all, but they don’t seem like larger versions of the main vehicle.

The spice pickers are really huge in this film. The absolute dimension of them, also like one it is completely consumed by a giant sand worm, it’s amazing.

Finally, the Spacing Guild Heighliner no longer appears like a space ship, and this is it great. The ladder of these ships were often lost in previous films e shows, but this version it helps show how madly big I’m.


Look at this cast!

Images of Warner Bros

5. Blue ones, blue ones eyes

There was a lot of it of conversation about the Fremen eyes they were enough. In past, their eyes they have always been presented on bright, piercing, electric blue screen. while that seems great, I never felt like he did it justice to the way the eyes are described in the books. In fact, the eyes of Ibad are described as blue in the blue, with not at all white. I think this is it more presented in realistic way in this film. It seems more plausible that the blue was intense but not unnatural.

And trust me, on the big screen, blue is blue enough to bring intensity when needed.

Dune is coming to the cinema and HBO Max on October 22nd and honestly it’s too far. Every moment of what i saw last the night was great and left I want more. It was well assembled and now that there is the trailer out There on Internet, I hope everyone else is equal half as excited as I am to see a part one of This epic story come to light.

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