Dutch Navy unveils TRIFIC concept for low-cost, reduced-crew warships at CNE-2023 conference

Dutch Navy Reveals Plans for a New Generation of Warships

During the CNE-2023 conference, the Dutch Navy revealed its idea for a new generation of warships.

The “TRIFIC” Concept

André van der Van der, Head of Naval Projects of the Netherlands Defense Equipment and Information Technology Command, announced the idea of ​​the “TRIFIC” concept during the conference. This concept guarantees the Dutch Navy access to new low-cost and reduced crew, which will reduce their operating costs and help to maintain the combat readiness of the Dutch army.

The Benefits of the TRIFIC Concept

With the TRIFIC concept, the Dutch Navy will be able to operate ships with a small crew that can act as an escort for main warships. These ships will also be equipped with containers containing various types of weapons. The weapons could be missiles against ground and air targets and electronic warfare systems. By operating such ships for several years, the Dutch Navy will increase the striking power of its fleet.

The Design of the Ships

The design of the TRIFIC ships will allow for the supply of various types of weapons, such as anti-ship missiles, missiles, and anti-submarine weapons, if necessary. These ships can also be used to monitor and equip transfers to other warships, according to André van der.


The introduction of the TRIFIC concept by the Dutch Navy will be a significant milestone in naval warfare as it will enhance the combat readiness of the Dutch army while reducing operating costs. The project is indeed an exciting one to watch as the world braces for the development of new technologies and war strategies.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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