Dwayne Johnson reveals he did not want to get married because the first one had almost killed him

Dwayne Johnson

According to Wall Street Magazine, Dwayne “The Rock” [Johnson] did not want to remarry after his dismal fracture of 2007, Dany Garcia, his ex-wife. Speaking with WSJ, the star admitted that her first separation “gave her a number.”

The Rock admitted that he was not really afraid to get married, it was mostly a feeling of hesitation. However, his then-girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, was “incredibly patient” with him and said there was no pressure to tie the knot.

Last August, the 47-year-old wrestler turned to his longtime girlfriend, Hashian, in Hawaii. According to testimonials, Dwayne and Lauren first met on the 2006 movie, The Game Plan, and are now parents of two children: a 1-year-old girl named Tiana and a 3-year-old girl. Jasmine.

After thirty seconds of meeting, Johnson explained, he noticed that she was really “gorgeous” and realized it immediately. By then, Lauren was also breaking up. Johnson, who has an 18-year-old girl named Simone with Garcia, claimed that fate was the reason they came together.

Johnson revealed that Lauren was also experiencing a difficult break and neither of the parties was really looking for anything, so the universe simply brought them together. In 2007, Hashian and Johnson formalized their relationship and his divorce with Garcia ended the following year.

Dwayne is not the only actor who has become a wrestler to have experienced a sudden break in recent years. Last year, John Cena, fiancé of fiancée Nikki Bella, witnessed the collapse of her love affair with the wrestler shortly before their wedding. It was around the same time as the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May.


Rumor has it that John’s insistence on the absence of children caused a split between them, and Nikki realized at the last minute that she could not get married knowing that she would be childless. After their split, John and Nikki tried to be forgiven, but they never met again.

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