Dying Light Update 1.36 Released – Notes on patch on 7 June

Techland issued to new update for Dying light today. How with the last update, there is new content and bugs fixes.

The Dying Light Update 1.36 and now available for download, for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Unfortunately we don’t know the size of the file.

Notes on patch of dying light 1.36

  • We have added story mode for Hellraid
  • Now players can choose between story mode and raid mode upon entering in Hellraid
  • We have introduced a new Hellraid rank: Conqueror
  • We have added new sounds and animations
  • The contours of the layer now appear on the minimap
  • We have added new weapons: a bow (in story mode) and a two-handed hammer, ea stamina potion
  • Players will now meet a new enemy–A skeleton with a great shield
  • No more players need to store and retrieve your own equipment entering and exiting Hellraid
  • Balance and visual changes
  • Minor tweaks and bugs fixes

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