EA Devs And Playground Games Leave To Create Their Studio

Maverick Games, a brand-new AAA development studio, was recently made public. Maverick Games, a gaming powerhouse based in the United Kingdom’s Leamington Spa, boasts leadership expertise that joined the company after leaving other firms, most notably Playground Games.

EA Devs And Playground Games Leave To Create Their Studio_

Playground Games, best known for creating the Forza Horizon game, has recently lost a few key personnel. Some of these team members have left Playground Games, along with an ex-EA worker and a leader from Sumo Digital, choosing to go into high gear and join the recently established Maverick Games.

Be A Maverick

Following a string of departures from Playground Games, the following people have joined Maverick Games, which has just struck gold, secured funding, and announced the development of its first game:

  • Mike Brown: Founder & Creative Director at Maverick, was the Creative Director at Playground.
  • Matt Craven: CTO of Maverick Games, was a Technical Director at Playground.
  • Tom Butcher: Executive Producer at Maverick, was Lead Producer at Playground.
  • Ben Penrose: Art Director at Maverick, was the Studio Art Director at Playground.
  • Gareth Harwood: Content Director at Maverick, was the Technical Art Director at Playground.
  • Fraser Strachan: Audio Director at Maverick, held the same role at Playground.

Outside of the ex-Playground staff, Harinder Sangha, newly signed as the COO of Maverick, comes in from Sumo Digital’s Leamington branch. Finally, there’s Elly Marshall, an EA Experience Design Director, coming in as the UX/UI Director at Maverick.

EA Devs And Playground Games Leave To Create Their Studio _

According to Mike Brown, Founder of Maverick Games, there are already great things in store for the firm:

We want Maverick Games to be a studio that people adore. We’re already hard at building a thrilling, top-notch game for players. For developers, we’re creating a place where everyone is encouraged to take chances, be enquiring, inventive, creative, and, most importantly, Maverick.

A “premium” open-world game is reportedly the first release from Maverick Games. However, only a little additional material has been disclosed to support that fact. Maverick Games will be a firm to keep an eye on in the coming years with reportedly “substantial funding” and a top-tier crew leading the studio ahead.