EA is Asking Players to See if They Want Further Remakes of The Dead Space Series

The Dead Space reboot shipped two million copies in the first week after its release. Although this underperformed by predicted numbers, it was still strong for a re-release, and the response was mostly favorable.

The Dead Space_

Players’ interest in additional Dead Space remakes, particularly for the second and third games, is being surveyed by EA. Two important questions in a purported poll leaked on Twitter ask precisely that, and while it’s not a guarantee that the games will appear, it shows EA’s willingness to make them maybe.

Is It Commercially Sensible?

According to reports, the Dead Space remake’s box office performance was much below expectations. It should have sold more copies than it should have, falling far short of expectations and pushing the development project over budget. In any case, EA is willing to accept the loss and perhaps produce additional remakes of Dead Space.

The reference to the purported survey that EA is disseminating is as follows:

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, easter eggs in the first Dead Space remake ultimately led fans to believe that a Dead Space 2 remake would be inevitable.

Since the game’s release, the addition of the Isaac Clarke bundle in Fortnite is the sole change to the Dead Space universe that has occurred.

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In the end, it doesn’t matter since even if a remake of Dead Space 2 were in the works, it would have been revealed only one month after the first game’s debut. For now, EA is content with testing the waters through focused polls.

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