EA Provides Exciting Update on the Progress of its Upcoming College Football Game

EA Provides Update on Upcoming College Football Game

EA has given an exciting update on the progress of its highly anticipated College Football game. During a recent Q&A session as part of its Q1 2024 earnings call, the publisher’s executives shared some insightful details.

CEO Andrew Wilson expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the development team has made incredible progress in building what will be the future of College Football. He emphasized that the gameplay truly captures the essence of the sport, showcasing both the action and pageantry unique to college football.

Wilson also mentioned that they have secured licensing agreements with many, if not most, of the schools. Furthermore, EA is actively collaborating with governing bodies of the sport and key third-party partners to determine the inclusion of college athletes in the game. Wilson is confident that this collaboration will result in an incredible re-emergence of the college football experience, offering an authentic representation of the schools and all that encompasses their contribution to the game.

EA’s announcement of a new college football game in early 2021 caused its stock to reach an all-time high. This marks a significant milestone as it has been a decade since the last EA college football game. Throughout the years, EA published 21 college football titles, with NCAA Football 14 being the last installment in 2013. These titles consistently achieved massive unit sales and were highly regarded by fans.

Development for EA Sports College Football is currently underway, with the official launch timing yet to be announced. Fans can rest assured that EA is dedicated to delivering an exceptional gaming experience that captures the excitement and spirit of college football.

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