EA Sports College Football: Players Offered $600 Payout to Opt into Roster – NCAA Game Update

Attention College Football Fans! EA Sports is making huge strides in the upcoming release of its game, EA Sports College Football 25. The game will feature real player names and images for the first time ever in a college football game, as long as the players opt in. That’s right, EA is reaching out to over 11,000 college football players to be included in the game’s roster, and they’re offering a guaranteed payout of $600 plus a free copy of the game! And if the players continue to be involved in the next year’s game, they’ll get paid again. Plus, EA is also planning more than 100 separate deals for specific athletes to work with EA Sports on promoting the game.

In the past, college athletes were prohibited from being compensated for the use of their names, images, or likenesses under NCAA rules. But after a recent decision by the US Supreme Court, players are now allowed to profit from their own names, opening the door for EA to include real player names and images in their game.

However, players have the option to opt out, in which case they will be replaced by a generic player in the game. This means that users won’t be able to simply edit the real names of opted-out players into the game.

So mark your calendars – College Football 25 is set to be released in the summer, with a full reveal in May. Get ready to experience college football like never before!

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