EA Sports FC 24: The Ultimate League Mode Revealed and the FIFA Partnership Ends

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Of the millions players have been drinking FIFA games every year for decades: a real tradition that really brews, but then really a lot of money for a brand largely inscribed in video game culture. However, EA, which develops and publishes the titles, felt constrained by son partnership with FIFA, to the point of purely and simply divorcing it.

No longer having the right to be associated with the name “FIFA” (and losing the right to put the famous world championship in son game), Electronic Arts has therefore renamed its saga EA Sports FC. EA Sports FC 24 will therefore be the first title in this franchise, but rest assured, it will clearly be a new FIFA in form: the developers and their expertise remain the same. It remains nevertheless a small gamble, in particular for the grand public who did not necessarily keep abreast of the situation.

The Ultimate League mode is revealed

The Ultimate League mode was clearly a grand classic FIFA games and the mode will obviously do son back in EA Sports FC 24: EA met so the emphasis on the possibility of building a team with as many current and former players, for a mix between modernity and the legends of the football. In addition, we will also have players AND women players.

The publisher has just unveiled the few new features of the Ultimate League mode, to be found below:

Note that‘a videopresenting in detail the Ultimate League mode, was also concocted and distributede: this is available in our reader at the beginning of the article.

Remember thatEA Sports FC 24 will be released on September 29, 2023 on PC, PlaySation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and also Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order the game via the link below, if you want to try the experience when son arrival on the market. In addition, some reductions can be found on certain platforms.

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