EA Sports kicks the legendary FIFA 20 player for Nazi jokes

EA Sports has made an extraordinary move to announce to players with a message in the game that Dutch football star Marco van Basten has been removed from FIFA Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 20.

The ban follows an appearance in the Dutch top sports channel, in which van Basten kamerafern says that “Sieg Heil” leaves as an German football manager an interview. Van Basten says he mocked the German accent of the pitch reporter in the clip. Fox Sports has suspended van Basten for a week.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIS5T7hrXsY [/ embed]

Van Basten, 55, is an analyst for Fox Sports in Europe, playing for the country’s famous AFC Ajax club, winning the Ballon d’Or three times as Europe’s top footballer and leading the Dutch national team in the elimination phase of the 1990 World Cup.

This CV brought van Basten a coveted appearance in the FIFA Ultimate Team card game with ratings 89-93. Although van Basten will no longer appear in the Ultimate Team auction house, he can be found with a player name search – probably for those who found him. The player has already put it up for sale and EA Sports does not want to punish him.

Today, players who sign up have been greeted with the following message from the FIFA 20 Development Team:

EA Vancouver / Electronic Arts about Eurogamer

Van Basten has left the FUT All-Star lineup “for the time being”, so this may not be a permanent ban. EA Sports has in the past removed players from the Ultimate Team lineup of its games, in particular with NFL player Ray Rice in 2014.

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