“East Gas”, owned by “GASCO” and “Paper Industry” intends to offer “Nomu”

The National Gas and Industrialization Company “GASCO” and the Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company “Paper Industry” have announced that the East Gas Company, which they own, has signed a financial advisor agreement for the offer and listing of the company in the parallel market. “Nomu” with Arbah Capital.

Gasco owns 35% of the stake and Saudi Paper Industry owns 26% of the capital of East Gas Company.

The Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company stated, in a statement on “Tadawul Saudi”, that he had received a letter from the Board of Directors of the “East Gas Company” in which declared the decision of the Partners Association of the “East Gas Company” to approve the start of the adoption of the necessary measures to list the company in the Saudi parallel market “Nomu”.

Saudi Paper Industry said the impact can currently only be measured after filing and approval from regulators and supervisors.

He explained that the listing application is subject to the requirements and approvals of regulatory and supervisory authorities in Saudi Arabia, including the Capital Market Authority, the Saudi Tadawul Company, the Ministry of Commerce and any other regulatory authority.

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