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Echoing Iranian slogans, Trudeau and his wife march in Canada in support of Mahsa Amini’s protests

Chanting Iranian slogans and raising their fists to applaud from the crowd, the Canadian Prime Minister and his wife joined a rally in support of Mahsa Amini’s protests. in Iran.

Protesters gathered Saturday at a rally in the capital Ottawa in support of the ongoing protest movement in Iran for more than 40 days, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has joined it.

Speaking in front of a white banner covered in dozens of red handprints, Trudeau told reporters: “We will continue our fight for a better future for all. in the whole planet, in especially for women who have suffered in Iran”.

women’s freedom

He added: “We are here in solidarity with you and will remain so”, before concluding his speech by chanting Iranian slogans, raising his fist to the applause of the masses.

Alongside him, his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, said she participated because “women’s freedom means freedom for all women”.

The Canadian Prime Minister said he had imposed several sanctions over the past month on dozens of senior officials of the Iranian regime. in response to “systematic violations of human rights” during demonstrations in Iran.

The demonstrators organized human chains and rallies in other Canadian cities, in particularly in Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto, while thousands of people gathered on Saturday in Paris and in other French cities.

Iranian trials

Against the backdrop of recent protests, on Saturday the Iranian judiciary launched the trial of five inmates in Tehran accused of being sentenced to death, against the backdrop of the protests in course in the country for weeks after Mahsa Amini’s death.

Mizan Online, a site web affiliated with the Iranian judiciary, he said that “the first hearing for a number of defendants in the recent riots began in the morning at the revolutionary court in Tehran, led by judge Abul-Qasim Salouti”.

Among the accused is Muhammad Qabadlo, who is being tried for “corrupting the land” for “attacking police officers with aautoresulting in the death of one officer and the wounding of five others “, while Saeed Shirazi was charged with a similar charge of” inciting people to commit crimes “.

Saman Seddi, Mohammad Broghani and Mohsen Rezazadeh are all accused of “enmity”, which also carries the death penalty in Iran.

The judiciary has announced the indictment of over 1,000 people in all over the country in cases related to protests.


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