Ecuador identifies bodies after prison violence leaves tens dead

The move came after the Ecuadorian prosecutor office asked the government to take “urgent measures” to deal with the situation, according to a post on the bureau official Twitter account.

Prosecutors said at least 68 inmates were killed and another 25 injured in Saturday’s clashes in the Litoral Penitentiary. one of Ecuador’s Largest Prisons in the coast city of Guayaquil.

hundreds of prisoners have died in large-scale riots and gang violence in Ecuadorian Prisons over the past year. The same facility, the Litoral Penitentiary, saw 118 people murdered in September during collisions involving automatic weapons and even grenades.

So far, 34 bodies have been identified since Saturday’s bloodshed. They are delivered to families in the following hours.

“The Human Rights Secretariat will deliver the coffins to the families in the next Couple of hours while criminology remains work on the identification of the other died,” the Ecuadorian government said in a statement.

The government is also offer psychological help for families of victims, the statement added.

The war in the prisons of Ecuador

Ecuadorian police started Friday night met activating security protocols after notifications of gunshots and possible confrontations between detainees on the prison, according to Guayas Governor Pablo Arosemena in An announcement posted to the official Facebook page of the province of Guayas government.

The deadly collisions seem to be an instance of gang violence, according to the governor, who said prisoners “not only used weapons and explosions, but they tried to choke” [other prisoners], burnt mattresses and more.”

Ecuador’s prison system has been under a state of emergency since September deadly collisions. More than 300 prisoners have been killed in prison violence this year, according to figures from Ecuador prison service SNAI.

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