Eddie Murphy remembers partying with Prince Once and talks about the return of SNL!

Eddie Murphy is looking forward to his big return to Saturday Night Live! As you may know, the actor was part of the iconic comedy show for four years before his departure in 1984.

That being said, tonight Eddie is about to welcome SNL for the first time since his departure and it’s definitely a great day for him, almost like a “meeting” of the school in a way!

After all, it was the series that really made his name known and launched his very successful acting career.

But, of course, it was a win-win situation, as Eddie also helped SNL a lot with his grades when he joined the team, all because of his great acting talent.

Now, while chatting with another SNL alumnus, Jimmy Fallon, on his late night show, he revealed that “ It’s kind of like going back to your old high school or going back to university because it is exactly the same system in place. It’s a bit surreal. Thirty-five years since my return. I went for the 40th. Thirty-five years since I put on the show. “

Although this is an official return to the SNL scene, it also made a brief appearance in 2015.

At the time, the series celebrated its 40th anniversary and it has made an appearance as itself since the celebration with a number of former members of the cast of SNL.

In addition, Prince also played in the afternoon of the event. Unfortunately, the legend died last year at the age of 57.

That being said, on The Tonight Show, Eddie talked about a few memories with the music icon.

Apparently, “Prince was having a roller skating party. It was like 2 or 3 in the morning. We are at his house and Prince says: “Who wants to roller skate?” We went to this ice rink at around 3 am. You know sneakers, they would have, when you walked, they lit? He had skates which, when he skated, lit up. It was surreal. “


Eddie went on to say that Prince also used to stay in a house just down the street from his own house!

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