“Efficiency” is the watchword for a whip affair

The Al-Faisaly Club, holder of the Two Holy Mosques Keeper Cup, has officially asked the Al-Ittihad Club to sign the player Abdul Majeed Al-Sawat during the current Summer Market.

Whip is playing for Al-Ittihad starting January 2020, and there is one season left in his contract with Al-Ameed.

It seems that the whip is out of the accounts of the Brazilian Fabio Carelli, who encourages the leadership of the club of Al-Ittihad to accept the offer, but tries to take advantage of it to get rid of the debts of the club, as part of its plans to obtain a certificate of eligibility.

The union’s intention is to accept the agreement, in exchange of the deduction of its value from Al-Faisaly’s debts with Al-Ittihad Club, and the rest of the Abdulaziz Al-Bishi and Hamdan Al-Shamrani agreements, which amount to approximately 7 million riyals.

The Al-Ittihad team instead won 3/2 over the Austrian team Grazer AK in the first test of the federal team in the Austrian field, which was held yesterday.

The Austrian side were the first to score and Romarinho responded with a draw in the 61st minute, before Fahd Al-Mawlid scored the second goal in the 87th minute, and then strengthened the Federal Reserve by scoring the third goal in the 92nd minute. but Granzer AK narrowed the difference just before the final whistle.The second goal was scored and the match ended 3/2.

Yesterday morning the Al-Ittihad reserve team had won 9/0 against the Gersthofer squad, a game like a ploy, for the low level of the Austrian squad, which was revealed by the great result of the match.

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