Efforts continue to search for those missing in the area of Mughsail

The civil protection teams and the relevant authorities of the Sultanate of Oman continue their national efforts to search for the remaining three persons of the missing family in the area of Al Mughsail and one of the expatriate workers who disappeared in the area of Raysut in Dhofar Governorate after they had first drifted away in the sea.

The Oman Royal Police had announced the drowning of two children, aged 9 and 10, in the neighborhood of Al Sarh in the Wilayat of Rustaq, in a water collection, found dead, and in Al Hamra’s Wilayat in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Civil Protection Authority rescue teams, and ambulances recovered the body of a drowned Asian citizen after he was swept via from one of the governorate valleys due to rain. In the state of Sohar, the authorities concerned received a complaint that a vehicle with two citizens inside had drifted into the Ahan Valley. Police announced that one of the missing citizens had been found who died yesterday. The sieving process of the area the collaboration with the people continued until today another missing person, also dead, was found.

In the Governorate of Dhofar, search and rescue teams found the body of an Asian citizen today after the report of a drift that took place the day before yesterday in Wadi Darbat. The safety barrier on the rocky cliff in the area of Al-Mughsayl in the governorate and their fall into the sea. The Royal Police of Oman urged citizens and residents to exercise extreme caution when crossing the valleys and during their visit to the Dhofar governorate to enjoy the autumn weather in the governorate.