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Eggs are disappearing from UK stores

Bloomberg reported that the British population is suffering from a shortage of chicken eggs, noting that they have almost completely disappeared from the shelves of some supermarkets.

The agency wrote that outbreaks of bird flu in the United States and Europe led to the mass culling of poultry. As a result, eggs topped the list of food shortages in the US in October last year, and the Hungarian authorities were forced to lower their prices.

Analysts say general food inflation could play a role in the egg shortage as cash-strapped retailers switch from meat to cheaper sources of protein, including eggs. In addition, the demand for it is higher in winter, especially during the Christmas season.

The agency added that there is another problem – the inability to quickly increase the supply of eggs due to the specifics of production.

“We don’t make beer cans! We have live animals that produce a natural product. A chicken carries what a chicken carries,” said Phil Crowley, vice president of the National Farmers Association Poultry Council.

The agency warned of a possible deterioration in the situation around eggs in the British market before Christmas. Local farmers have reported that the rising cost of chicken feed has reduced their profits. The results of a public opinion poll conducted among the members of the British Poultry Association, indicate that a third of them either reduce the number of chickens, or suspend or completely stop the production of eggs.

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