Egypt and Cyprus agree to accelerate the implementation of the pipeline project between the two countries

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi agreed with his Cypriot counterpart today Tuesday to speed up the implementation of the gas pipeline project between the two countries.

The official spokesperson for the Egyptian Presidency said, according to a statement, that the President praised the continued development and rapprochement in bilateral relations between Egypt and Cyprus at various levels, underlining Egypt’s interest in continuing to activate cooperation frameworks, both bilaterally that through the tripartite cooperation mechanism uniting Egypt, Cyprus and Greece, and the intensive consultation between them on various regional issues and developments, in particularly with regard to ways of addressing the challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

on his side; The Cypriot president expressed his country’s appreciation for the strength and duration of relations between the two countries, in constant development at various levels, underlining the aspiration to take further steps to consolidate the frameworks of bilateral cooperation and friendship between the two countries, as well as to continue strengthening the trilateral cooperation mechanism with Greece.

The Cypriot president also expressed his country’s appreciation for Egypt’s support for the Cypriot issue, in compliance with relevant United Nations references and resolutions, in in order to strengthen the security and stability of the region, praising the role played by Egypt as a pillar of stability in Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, as well as its efforts in the fight against terrorism and migration legitimacy.

The spokesman added that the meeting discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries in a series of areas of cooperation, especially in light of the results of the last visit of the Cypriot president to Cairo in September 2021, which saw the raising of the general framework of bilateral relations to the level of the Joint Higher Committee chaired by the presidents of the two countries, reflecting the measure These reports are of a strategic nature, as the two sides stressed the importance of following up on the results of the Joint Higher Committee and implementing what was agreed during the same, through a mechanism of follow-up and evaluation at the level of ministers and experts interested in cooperation in various sectors, in in particular in the field of energy and electricity interconnection, with the consensus on the importance of removing any obstacles to accelerating the implementation phases of the pipeline project that will connect the Cypriot “Aphrodite” field with the Egyptian liquefaction stations in view of export to European markets.

The meeting also touched on the latest developments at the regional level and the efforts to reach a political solution to the crises experienced by some countries in the region, in in particular the developments of the Libyan crisis and the question of the Renaissance Dam, as well as discussing the developments of the Cypriot question and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

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