Egypt and Israel sign a memorandum of understanding for the possibility of increasing gas supplies for re-export

A statement released by the Egyptian Oil Ministry states that Egypt and Israel have signed a memorandum of understanding for the possibility of increasing gas supplies with the aim of re-exporting and using in future the existing pipeline for the transport of hydrogen.

The statement added that the deal is part of efforts to expand the use of less polluting fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

This memorandum is the result of cooperation in the field of energy in recent years, as well as close integration and coordination through the establishment of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum.

The MoU clarified that natural gas is a transition fuel, as its use in the Eastern Mediterranean contributes to a significant reduction in emissions, especially after the sharp decline in coal and oil uses. in Egypt and Israel.

In recent months, the joint working groups have held several meetings, during which a comprehensive review of the possibility of expanding natural gas supplies for re-export was conducted.

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, said it was important to support joint cooperation in order to jointly benefit from natural resources in both countries and that the importance of joint work to reduce harmful emissions to tackle climate change and support energy supply in the region was emphasized, noting that natural gas will play a vital role during the next transition phase from fossil fuels to the use of clean energy as part of global efforts to achieve this goal.

Karen Al-Harr, Israel’s Minister of Energy, said Egypt is an important partner in achieving energy security in the region, as a means of joint cooperation to combat the climate crisis.

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