Egypt announces new conditions for the importation of Egyptian cars abroad

The Egyptian government has announced new exemptions for the import of cars of Egyptians abroad and their entry into force.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Finance announced that the new options include removing the requirement to deposit an amount that must be paid three months before the transfer, so that it is enough to submit a bank statement from the six months preceding the date of the transfer. , showing the movement of deposits, withdrawals and transfers, according to a statement by Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maite. Today’s statement.

It also includes the abolition of the requirement to certify residence documents, bank statements and certificates of vehicle data at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.

New categories of cars will also be added at the request of Egyptians abroad, with lower customs value and tax, after the cars are re-priced according to the graduated categories of basic, medium and high.

The Egyptian Cabinet agreed to amend some of the rules for implementing the provisions of the law, which provides some benefits to Egyptians living abroad, in response to requests from some Egyptians living abroad who wish to import cars.

In the electronic application, tables will be published with the value of the amount of money due, which will be transferred from abroad in favor of the Ministry of Finance.

And the Ministry of Finance reported that: “An estimate (amount) has been agreed with the customs unions and the people in exchange for the service of customs clearance of Egyptian cars abroad, so that it does not exceed 3 thousand. Clearance departments wishing to complete the clearance procedures for these cars have been identified, and they will be available within a few days of application submission.

According to the ministry, a special application will be available for purchase from commercial agents who have cars in the free zones of Egypt, which are subject to the same procedures and rules that are provided for importing a car from the country of residence.

Source: RT