Egypt calls on Ethiopia to take responsibility … and Addis Ababa: We are committed to dialogue

While Labor Minister Mohamed Saafan die urged the international community to die Urge Ethiopian government to take responsibility and conclude a binding agreement that die The interests of the three countries Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are taken into account, and no unilateral The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed die The country’s promise to resolve the border dispute with Sudan peacefully as well die tripartite negotiations on the Renaissance Dam with the two downstream countries.

Egypt calls on Ethiopia to take responsibility … and Addis Ababa: We are committed to dialogue

The speech by the Egyptian minister came during the session of the 109th session of the annual International Labor Conference, die for the first time by default in front of the United Nations building in Geneva takes place, at which “Saafan” stated that the agricultural sector in Egypt has always been one of the main pillars of the Egyptian economy, and millions of Egyptians work and are in their life dependent on it.

Agriculture is currently facing a major challenge

The Minister of Labor stated that the agricultural sector was facing a major challenge at the moment die Ethiopian government remains adamant in of their water policy and not accepting a meaningful dialogue die Represent the interests of all parties.

The Minister noted that die Unilateral action by Ethiopia has catastrophic social and economic effects on Egypt and Sudan in in reference to die Deterioration of agricultural land, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in agriculture and die Their water security has been at risk, leading to an escalation in tensions in East Africa and the Horn of Africa, die turn a serious threat to international peace and die represent international security.

The Minister of Labor added that die Government has taken specific measures to address this crisis in managing its various aspects in order to strike a balance between urgent health issues and the best possible maintenance of the economic situation, noting that Egypt had taken precautionary measures in the workplace, supported the private sector with a package of incentives and supported irregular employment in all of their categories as well die Step up social protection efforts.

In Egypt’s speech to representatives of the “governments, entrepreneurs and workers” of the 187 member states of the International Labor Organization, the Minister of Labor stressed that “we urgently need to exchange ideas and visions and to review efforts and experiences more than before, so that we can cross the tunnel of this crisis “Stressed that die However, states have had to take steps to deal with their various aspects in order to protect societies die Boost economy and die Protect workers’ rights.

Unnecessary politicization of the topic

Ethiopian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Radwan Hussein said during his meeting with Kenyan Foreign Minister Ambassador Rachel Omamo to discuss bilateral relations and issues of common concern between the two countries.

Radwan added that die The government’s humanitarian efforts are encouraging and urged die international community to provide concrete support and to refrain from unnecessarily politicizing the issue. He also renewed Ethiopia’s commitment to finding peaceful solutions to the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan die to find tripartite negotiations on the Renaissance dam.

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