Egypt continues to feature kings throughout history, from the pyramids of the pharaohs to the soccer rectangles!

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The lovers in Egypt were proud of the seven thousand years of the Pharaohs civilization, and the truth is that Egypt continued in these thousands of years to present kings, from the Pharaohs of the Pyramids to the stars of the green rectangle of football. And before Mohamed Salah’s appearance under the lights International stardom For years, his compatriot Ahmed Hossam (Mido) had the title of “world” in relation to the size of his fame and his position in the world of stars.Famous Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the spot and the position of Ajax Amsterdam’s top scorer, but the distinguished Tunisian full-back Hatem Trabelsi has stated that he would have preferred to involve Mido mainly at the expense of Zlatan because he was more interactive and effective with his crosses, where he met them with his head and both feet depending on the situation. But Mido’s advantage and disadvantage at the same time was its large number of movements and its lack of stability in a place for a long time, so he went to Celta Vigo in Spain and then went to French Marseille, where the Ivorian Drogba lived for a while before introducing himself well and carving his name in the memory of the French southern masses. From the south of France to the south of Italy to spend a season with Roma, while at Tottenham it was enough that the name of his rival was the Bulgarian Berbatov, and there he continued between 2005-2008, and Mido remained in Premier League to spend another three seasons with Middlesbrough, this time between 2008-2011, and his English presence ended in a flash with the teams of Wigan and West Ham, among them a season with Zamalek, to return again at Ajax for a season (2010-2011) before ending his football career with his first love, Zamalek between 2011 and 2013. The world had to move where it wanted in the world of football only to retire prematurely at age thirty years old, which wasted the opportunity to invest in the Egyptian team, which was waiting for Mohamed Salah’s star to qualify him for the World Cup after waiting almost thirty years.Mohamed Salah, in turn, is another world, but got farther from Mido, because he was more focused and perhaps not the best talent, from Arab contractors in Basel, in Switzerland, via Chelsea, before settling down for a while in Italy with Fiorentina and Rome, then the deal of a lifetime with Liverpool, which gave him the most important titles that every player dreams of with his club, league The English Premier League, the Champions League and the World Cup for club, and on an individual level, he has twice won the title of top scorer in the league and the trophy of best player in the Premier League. What remains to be done in Salah, and has he been described as one of the best players in the world and was nominated (along with others) for the Ballon d’Or award? And who is the best among them? Sure, the language of numbers and titles is in Salah’s interest, but Mido’s technical skills with respect to his successes and titles (the most important of which are the Dutch championship and the African Cup with the national team) do well. him as a precious opportunity that was lost early in football and his own club in general, and in the Egyptian team, and personally. He could have been a crowned Egyptian king in Europe before Salah, but luckily for Egypt, the land of the pharaohs gave birth to another king who achieved what Midos could not achieve – the famous Golden Ball, whose coronation is feared to be postponed for a another season (despite his appointment) in the presence of the Argentine Lionel Messi, who could be accompanied by the victory of the South American championship in home of the Brazilians.French Karim Benzema, whose creativity does not stop at Real Madrid or the national team in which he returned after an absence of five years and crowned this return with the European Nations League Cup, and the Polish Robert Lewandowski, the Polish goal machine that never stops working in efficiently, it amazed the Germans themselves!

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