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Egypt.. Egypt Supply warns rice farmers in the country

Egypt’s Ministry of Supply has issued an urgent warning to all farmers and landowners to supply rice to avoid falling under the law.

The ministry said in a statement: “The Ministry of Supply and Domestic Trade calls on all farmers, landowners and farmers who grow barley and rice to fully comply with the text of Ministerial Decree No. 109 of 2022 for the organization of trade in the 2022 season and the provisions of this decision oblige farmers to supply a ton of barley of rice per planted acre, as the yield per acre is 3.5 to 4 tons of barley rice. The Ministry aims to capture 25% of the harvest to achieve the necessary abundance and availability and increase the supply of this strategic commodity in large quantities and at fair prices in the food ration system and in free markets throughout the year.

The ministry added that in case of non-delivery, the farmer will be punished by a ban on growing rice next year, as well as non-payment of subsidized agricultural fertilizers and pesticides during the year for all types of crops. pounds sterling per tonne, and anyone who refuses to supply the said quantity is obliged to pay it. The Ministry of Supply also emphasizes and appeals to all traders in the barley and white rice supply chain the importance of applying all the Presidium of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which regulate the rules operation of the supply chain for the 2022 season and to prevent disruptions, and if they occur, containment measures will be applied.

The Ministry confirmed that, in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 166 of 2022 on the control and procedures for the handling of rice as a strategic product, one of the points of which sets a weekly deadline starting from November 19, 2022 and ending on Sunday, November 27 2022, for everyone who owns barley rice. And for the white rice commodity, whether farmers, traders, speculators and others, resolve the situation and notify the relevant supply departments of the rice data held by them. according to the form prepared for this.

The ministerial decree stated that it was forbidden to withdraw rice from circulation by concealing it, not offering it for sale, or refraining from selling it in any other way than for personal use, and the amount withdrawn after the specified period was subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and Order of the President of the Council of Ministers No. 4148 of 2022, which requires, upon confirmation of a violation, imprisonment for at least one year and the imposition of a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pounds sterling and not more than two million pounds sterling or the equivalent value of the rice that is the subject of the crime, whichever is greater.

Source: RT


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