Egypt Government Comments on Wheat Crisis

Egyptian Supply Minister Ali Al-Moseli commented on the issue of wheat supplies after 4 regions joined Russia after a popular referendum.

The Egyptian minister said that there was no crisis in the dossier of wheat from Russia after the referendum.

He added that Egypt’s neutral policy of working with the whole country had avoided a crisis in the wheat crop upon arrival in Egypt.

The Minister of Supply has sent a letter of thanks to the European Union for its full support in meeting Egypt’s contracted quotas. For the first time in years, the Ministry of Supply received more than 6 months of the reserve for wheat harvest within 3 months.

In the relevant context, Dr. Ali Al Moseli, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that Egypt is committed to providing food throughout the coming period, adding that it should invest outside the country, especially in neighboring and friendly countries.

The Minister of Supply added: “We are unable to meet our needs due to the increase in our appalling consumption in limited agricultural areas, as well as due to the limited amount of water in the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

“We have oilseeds in Egypt, and there is a plan to increase the area under soybeans,” he added, adding that “250,000 feddans have been sown.”

In the relevant context, Al Muselhi said that what is happening now is a study of the general policy of the state regarding the participation of the private sector in the food industry, which has begun to change, and the beginning of the participation of the private sector in all government projects that are aimed at the participation of the private sector at the level of 65%.

Al Moselhi explained that we are currently targeting private sector participation, and over the past two years, we have done business cases for a number of private sectors, investing poorly in the private sector or on our own. That was done at Qaha and Edfina, and what Silo Foods do with the military.

Source: Cairo 24

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