Egypt is bound to reach a number record of LNG exports

The Liquefied Natural Gas and Hydrogen Developments Report for the Third Quarter of 2021 revealed that the largest growth in the volume of Arab countries’ natural gas exports during the third quarter of 2021 came from Egypt, which exported approximately one million tons, compared to about 0.1 million tons in the same period last year, with a percentage increase of about 900%.

The report released by the Organization of “OAPEC” stated that this continued growth in export volume is due to the restart of the Damietta liquefaction complex in February, which has a production capacity of approximately 5 million tons per year. , after being inactive for about 8 years, in addition to the continuation of the activity of the “Idku” complex, which has a production capacity of approximately 7.2 million tons per year.

He pointed out that the third quarter of 2021 saw exports of around 0.6 million tonnes from the Damietta complex, bringing the complex’s total exports since its restart in February 2021 to around 1.6 million tonnes, which took targeting different markets in Asia, led by India, Pakistan and China, and the rest was done, exported in Spain, Belgium and Kuwait.

The report suggested that Egypt would hit a number record of liquefied natural gas exports by the end of 2021, having resumed export activity at this high pace thanks to the growth of domestic production after making several gas discoveries and accelerating their development, led by the Zohr field and atoll camp.

The organization had revealed in a report last August that Egyptian natural gas exports amounted to around 1.4 million tons during the second quarter of quest’year.

He pointed out that the second quarter of 2021 saw the export of about 7 shipments of liquefied natural gas from the Damietta complex, for a total of 0.63 million tons, compared to 5 shipments loaded in the first quarter of 2021, for a total of 0.3 million tons.

The total number of shipments loaded by the Damietta complex since its restart reached 12 shipments with a total of 0.93 million tons, of which 9 shipments were exported in different markets in Asia, India and Pakistan in head, and the rest was exported in Spain, Belgium and Kuwait, with an expedition to each of them.

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