Egypt is dominated by the crisis of the Lebanese government … and is a message of support

While none of the Lebanese efforts and the French initiative bore fruit The formation of a Lebanese governmentLebanon is experiencing an Arab movement today and tomorrow, as Egypt and die Arab League up for die Use government formation to cope with the crisis.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister met Sameh Shoukry on Wednesday morning in Beirut where he has his meeting with President Michel Aoun in the Republican Palace in Baabda began.

Shoukry also reiterated that “Egypt is continuing to make efforts to communicate with all Lebanese parties to get out of the crisis” saying: “Unfortunately, after 8 months of my last visit to Lebanon, there is still a political stalemate and Lebanese politicians are fighting over it form a government. “

He announced that he would hold a series of meetings with the various political components to convey a similar message, die on die Shows the solidarity of Egypt and offers all support to get out of this crisis and to form a government, die die Would open the door to international assistance.

In addition, he added: “The policy framework is through die Constitution and the Taif Agreement regulated. “He stressed die Importance of adhering to these main pillars of stability, stressing that Egypt in will make no effort to help Lebanon during this critical period.

It is noteworthy that Shoukry’s visit tomorrow, Thursday, will be followed by a visit by the Deputy Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Hussam Zaki.

Constant disagreements

It is noteworthy that there are still differences between officials and leaders of the main parties in the country, especially between the President of the Republic and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, what die Odds and die Distribution of ministries concerns while die Lebanese in a crisis stifling economic and life crisis, die has been unprecedented for decades.

This is due to the fact that Lebanon is experiencing a severe financial crisis, die die greatest threat to die Represents stability in the country since the civil war between 1975 and 1990.

More than 55% are poor

Without die The country will not form a new government in be able to die Carry out reforms, die required to receive foreign aid. However, the violent differences of opinion between the Prime Minister-designate and the President of the Republic have been preventing for months die Form a new government while die both parties raise allegations of obstruction.

It is displayed with a continuation The deterioration in the lira exchange rateSimultaneously with a severe liquidity crisis and the fact that die Banks die Depositor no longer with money in US dollars, more than 55% of Lebanese became poor and more than 25% were below the poverty line, meaning that their incomes were insufficient to maintain healthy and safe food, and these percentages are gradually increasing in line with the collapse. The lira exchange rate has been steady for months.

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