Egypt launches 3 factories with the largest production line in the Middle East

The Delmar Industrial Group in Egypt has started trial operation of 3 new plants with an investment exceeding 800 million Egyptian Pounds in the October 6 City Industrial Zone.

Mahmoud Haroun, head of the group, said the factories are built on a 25,000 square meter area at the IDG Industrial Complex in the city on October 6 and compete in global markets.

Haroun explained that the complex includes an aluminum sector plant with the largest production line for sectors in Egypt and the Middle East with a diameter of 11 inches and a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year.

He added that these plants include DPG for architectural and flat glass, which is the latest plant and project of the group and is equipped with the latest European and global equipment with a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year, i.e. up to a million square meters. m of sheet glass per year and is equipped with a triplex glass production line, which indicates that an automotive glass production line will be opened soon.

He stated that with the operation of three factories, the company has about 6 factories with a production capacity of 50,000 exceeding hundreds of thousands in the Egyptian market.

Haroun emphasized that the group has a lot of confidence in the Egyptian market, especially what is currently being seen in the state as a result of the creation of large and numerous projects at the level of cities and provinces of the Republic, as well as due to the constant desire of the state to support industrial developers. which prompted the group to increase its investments in order to keep pace with the vision and strategy of the Egyptian state in the field of growth and construction.

He noted that the Egyptian market is growing and developing rapidly despite difficult global conditions, pointing out that the group has long-term plans for the Egyptian market and that there are a number of other factories to be announced soon in Sadat cities. and sixth October.

Source: Egyptian media