Egypt.. Move to save the white gold

A member of the Egyptian House of Representatives has submitted a request for a briefing to Agriculture Minister Al-Quseir on low prices for this year’s “white gold” cotton crop after reaching £3,000 per centner.

In his enquiry, the spokesman said he had received several complaints from cotton farmers about low crop prices of £3,000 per quintal after exceeding £5,000 a quintal last year, despite a significant increase in the price of cotton. production requirements that doubled the value of the crop, indicating that last year the sown area was 233.5 thousand feddans, the farmer cultivated 326.5 thousand feddans, an increase of about 20%.

He continued that what happened this year could negatively affect cotton cultivation in 2023, as the losses the farmer will suffer will be great and may force him to refrain from growing cotton at a time when we seek to regain the throne. ready-made garments and spinning and weaving. It exceeds £10,000 per feddan per year, of which 40% is from growing cotton alone, as well as plowing the land with a plow, loosening the land with axes and harvesting manually with axes, which reaches more than 6,000 pounds per acre, in connection with the daily rise of the agricultural worker to 70 pounds a day.

A member of the parliamentary committee on agriculture explained that Egyptian cotton has a worldwide reputation and we don’t like what we used to see in the past from being sold as a raw material in European markets and then coming back to us in the form of expensive clothes, emphasizing that the state can find its products, made by the hands of the Egyptians, in world markets.

Thus, the Egyptian export of cotton increased, the income level of the farmer increased, the employment of workers in local factories increased, domestic and foreign trade expanded, and, consequently, the trade balance of our country.

Source: Cairo 24