Egypt Overtakes Saudi Arabia as the Largest Date Farming Nation in the World

Egypt breaks world record with largest date palm plantation

Egypt has been confirmed to hold the world record for the largest date palm plantation, covering 132,000 square kilometers and surpassing the Al-Raji farm in Saudi Arabia.

Guinness World Record Accreditation

The official court accredited by the Guinness Book of Records, Kenzi Emad El-Dhafrawy, announced Egypt’s achievement in breaking the world record for the largest date palm plantation. Egypt has surpassed the record previously held by Al-Raji’s farm in Saudi Arabia. The official stated that the plantation spans over 132,000 square kilometers. Egypt was also issued a registration certificate for holding the largest water intake basin in the world, holding 245,000 cubic meters of water.

Leading in Date Production

Egypt ranks first in the world in the production of dates. Its annual production is approximately 1.6 million tons, making up 18% of the world’s production. Within the Arab region, Egypt leads by producing 23% of the Arab production of dates. Nevertheless, current export volumes only account for 2.7% of its production capacity.

Project Goals

The project aims to cultivate 2.5 million high-value palm varieties for export, including rare varieties in Egypt like medjool dates and barhi dates. Currently, only 16% of Egyptian date production comes from semi-dry varieties, while there is a growing demand for varieties specifically suitable for export, such as Al Majdol and Al Bari.

Al Raji Farm in Saudi Arabia

The Al-Raji farm in the city of Buraida was considered the largest date palm farm in the world before the Egyptian farm. The farm was registered in the Guinness Book of Records in May 2005, covering approximately 5466 hectares. The Al-Raji farm has over 250,000 date palms, the majority of them fully mature and fruitful, and around 48,000 date palms are entirely organic.


Source: RT

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