Egypt.. Record price increase "bride tea" And a representative of the company that owns the trademark reveals the reason

The Egyptian industrial company Al-Fateh, which produces Al-Arusa tea, has informed wholesalers about the new prices for the month of December 2022.

The price of bridal tea reached an all-time high in the recent period as the price of a quarter kilo of “bride tea” rose to £35 from £25, the second increase in just 3 months.

The prices of Al Arusa tea with all its products rose in September 2022 and then rose again on the first day of December 2022.

The price of a 20 kg box has reached 2509 pounds, and it is sold to the merchant for 31 and a quarter pounds and sold to the consumer for 33 pounds, after the 20 kg box was sold for 1860 pounds, sold to the merchant. for 23 and a quarter pounds and sold to the consumer for 25 pounds.

And the tea department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry said earlier that tea prices have risen around the world due to the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis.

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Commenting on the price increase, Diaa Badawi, a spokesman for Badawi Sons, which owns the Al-Arousa Tea brand, said that the increase in prices for their products was due to an increase in all production requirements.

He added in “Masrawy” that it is not the company that is seeking this raise, but the conditions that the companies govern.

“Look how much the dollar was and how much it is now,” Badawi said, noting that any company that raises the price of its products loses customers.

Source: Masrawy website