Egypt reports development of huge dam construction in African country

An Egyptian consortium of Arab Contractors and El Sewedy Electric has announced developments to build the first dam in Tanzania.

The Egyptian Coalition said it yesterday celebrated the completion of the pouring of the last cube of compacted reinforced concrete into the body of the main dam in Tanzania and thus the completion of the construction work of the main dam, which has lasted more than 687 days since the diversion of the river on November 18, 2020 in the presence of top officials of the Tanzanian company for the supply of electricity for the royal project.

Egyptian Minister of Housing Assem Al-Jazzar confirmed that with the completion of the main dam, the Egyptian coalition has begun preparations to begin holding the waters of the Ruwichi River behind the dam, which is planned to be extended by about two months (according to the flood forecast for the current year), and the preparations include to complete the installation and testing of gates A giant three-level drainage system in the body of the dam, which will control the provision of a minimum amount of water to maintain the river environment below the dam, and will also control the release of excess water in case of floods and emergency situations during operation, followed by the start of high-precision engineering measures to close the tunnel. the beginning of the filling of the lake, which will be formed behind the dam on an area of ​​about 158 ​​thousand square kilometers, with an operating capacity of 32.7 billion cubic meters and a maximum capacity of 34 billion cubic meters.

The Minister of Housing said in a report that with the arrival of the main dam at a height of 190 meters above sea level, on a base of about 20 thousand square meters and a length of up to 1033 meters at the top, the Egyptian alliance has successfully completed the pouring of one million four hundred and fifty cubic meters of compacted concrete reinforced concrete according to the norms. The daily volume has reached eight thousand cubic meters, in addition to about three hundred and twenty thousand cubic meters of concrete of the Central Exhibition Complex, in which 2,500 engineers are involved. and workers who worked 22 million hours on the main dam.

He emphasized that the project is progressing well, despite many natural obstacles to complete the installation and testing of nine hydro units, consistently starting next year, realizing the Tanzanian dream, which began in the sixties of the last century, marking the achievement of the project’s goals of achieving sustainable development. at the national level in the United Republic of Tanzania. “Where it will double the electrical capacity of the Tanzanian grid and control the floods that have caused the death and loss of thousands of people, mostly children in Tanzania in recent years and reduce the formation of seasonal swamps, which are the main cause of the spread of dangerous diseases, in addition to maintaining drainage necessary for agriculture and river fisheries.

An Egyptian consortium participated in an international tender issued by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in favor of the Tanzanian Electricity Supply Company for the design and implementation of the 2,115 MW Julius Nyerere hydroelectric power plant and dam project in the Stigler Depression on the Ruvichi River.

The Egyptian Alliance proposal was selected as the best technical and financial proposal and the $2.9 billion project contract was signed on 12 December 2018 at a special ceremony held in Dar es Salaam in the presence of the late Tanzanian President and Vice President (current President of Tanzania) and Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli.

Source: seventh day