Egypt.. the government identifies a serious disease that affects 73% of children in the country

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population said the ministry’s preventive medicine sector examined a large number of children with respiratory symptoms and found that 73% of them were infected with respiratory syncytial virus.

The ministry said it is a widespread virus that severely affects children, while the rest are between influenza and adenovirus.

The Ministry of Health and Population stated that the influenza virus causes 3 to 5 million serious infections each year, and explained that the influenza virus causes 250,000 to 500,000 deaths worldwide every year, so vaccinations are recommended to boost immunity and protect against seasonal flu. The Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed that the seasonal influenza vaccine is available in serum and vaccine departments across the country and in many pharmacies.

And she warned against using the so-called cold injection for colds, which is called the magic mixture for treating colds, since this injection consists of an antibiotic in addition to painkillers and cortisone, noting that with the arrival of the winter season, seasonal flu and colds, that causes some people to take them for the purpose of getting well and getting well quickly does not negatively affect the health of the population, even if the person appears to be recovering, because the three components contained in cold injections cause great harm, for example, antibiotics do not treat colds as a viral infection, but used to treat bacterial infections. And she warned that overuse of antibiotics makes the body resistant to them in the long run.

Source: RT