Egypt: the largest drug shipment in the hands of the security forces

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced that its armed forces had foiled a smuggling attempt of 10 tons of drugs in Suez. The video showed what drug men they were in grade, through the use of modern security techniques, including a drone and police dogs, e in coordination with the national and public security sectors, monitor the activity of setting up a gang specialized in the transport and smuggling of drugs using one of the auto used for the transport of petroleum gas for the transport of Fintas, specified in the police department of El-Janain in Suez, to promote it to its customers in the governorates of the Republic.

Through the conduct of the investigations it was possible to monitor and identify the gang formation referred to, composed of 3 criminal elements, two of which with criminal records, residing in the governorates of Sharkia-Suez.

After legalizing the procedures, in coordination with the Suez Security Directorate, were targeted, and one of them was arrested while traveling in the aforementioned auto of the Al-Janain Police Department, in possession of 36,000 bags of cannabis-based drug, weighing 3600 tons, 2300 rolls of banjo drug, weighing 750.5 tons and 130 rolls of hydroxy drug weighing 250 kilograms. And an amount of opium weighing 250 kilograms. 15 kilograms, money and a telephone.

It was also possible to arrest the other defendants when they were present at the Faisal Police Headquarters in Suez, and were in possession of money and 2 cell phones.