Egypt. The Ministry of Supply prohibits the packaging of rice in bags larger than 1 kg, unless

Egypt’s Ministry of Supply has banned private-sector enterprises under contract with the Commodities Supply Authority from packaging white rice in packages weighing more than 1kg, unless authorized by the Supply Authority.

This is within the framework of the Ministry’s procedures to regulate the circulation of rice and provide it at reasonable prices to the citizens.

This included the procedures of the Ministry of Supply, which I sent to the departments today, that white rice is not allowed to be exported outside the province in which it is grown, except with permission from the director of the department from which the rice is transported, and in agreement with the director directorate in the province to which it is transferred.

And Egypt’s Minister of Procurement and Internal Trade, Ali Al-Moselhi, issued directives to the Food Industry Holding Company to increase the supply of white rice in retail outlets at a price of 10.50 pounds per kilogram, with rice freely sold. municipal white rice priced at £14.5 per kilo at all branch farms across the country Up to 1,300 farms.

And based on Al Moseli’s decision, the governorate supply departments formed inspection committees in each supply department, consisting of a supply inspector from the department, a supply investigation officer, a member of the National Food Safety Authority, an inspector from the Consumer Protection Agency, and an officer from the department of general investigations. In order to strengthen the control and verification of all rice storage sites, as well as the closure of unapproved warehouses with the closure of unapproved rice factories and the withdrawal of quantities from them, and transfer them to the prosecutor’s office.

The Ministry of Supply confirmed that ensuring and ensuring that rice is affordable to all citizens, whether they are cardholders or not included in the subsidy system, is the goal of the ministry in previous decisions.

Source: “Al-Watan”