Egypt transforms cars of citizens

Egyptian Enterprise Development Agency CEO Nevin Gamea announced that an amount of LE 1.2 billion has been allocated to convert 150,000 gasoline-powered vehicles to natural gas over three years.

Gamea added on the sidelines of Egypt’s COP 27 UN climate conference that £542 million has been pumped over the past eight years, allowing more than 77,000 vehicles to be converted to run on natural gas.

The Director General of the Enterprise Development Agency explained that the use of natural gas instead of conventional fuels leads to a significant reduction in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, which helps to save the environment and increases the chances for the sustainability of these projects, as well as helping to save jobs for workers. in the transport sector by increasing the income of target groups is achieved by achieving economic savings for drivers up to 60%.

Gamea added that coal mine projects are being legalized for operation in the formal sector and helping their owners to operate in an environmentally friendly manner through the use of pile installations approved by the Ministry of the Environment, in addition to expanding project funding for solar power plants. energy and is working to expand the supply of pumps for agricultural irrigation that are powered by solar energy instead of traditional fuel and diesel generators.

Source: RT