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Egyptian armed forces: killing of “extremely dangerous” terrorists.

On Sunday, the Egyptian military announced the killing of 10 “extremely dangerous” terrorist elements during a raid in a terrorist outpost in North Sinai Governorate.

A statement by the Egyptian military spokesman, Colonel Arkan Harb Gharib Abdel Hafez, indicated that the liquidation of the terrorist elements took place after the gunfight between the terrorist group and law enforcement agencies.

He described the terrorist elements as “extremely dangerous”.

The armed forces have found in possession of the terrorist group, according to the statement, a series of weapons, ammunition, hand grenades, explosive belts, launchers and DNAPs, quantities of high explosive TNT and a series of devices wireless.

The statement added that “the bodies of the terrorist elements have been kept in awaiting the necessary legal measures to be taken against them “.

According to the statement, “one of the wounded terrorist elements was arrested before he managed to escape, as a machine gun and a group of bullets were seized with him and the relevant investigative authorities are taking legal measures”.


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