Egyptian Army Reveals 3 "industrial locks" Navy and talks about German weapons produced locally

The Egyptian Navy announced its ownership of three industrial fortresses represented by the Naval Ship Repair Arsenal, the Egyptian Ship Repair and Construction Company and the Alexandria Shipyard.

The commander of the Egyptian navy, Lieutenant General Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa, added that these companies operate under an integrated system that has the ability to provide technical insurance, maintenance and repair to Egyptian naval units. the number of port guard boats, pilot boats and locomotives.

He explained that he works in the field of joint production, as work is underway on the Meko-A200 frigate project in cooperation with the German side, and the industry in these fortresses is carried out by trained and skilled Egyptian minds and weapons.

The commander of the Egyptian Navy indicated that four frigates of the class (MEKO – A200) were agreed, since three frigates should be manufactured in Germany, and the last one will be manufactured at the Alexandria shipyard, and indeed the Egyptian flag was raised on the frigate a few days ago.

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